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martin sheen

martin sheen

Birth Name Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estevez Date of Birth August 3, 1940 Place of Birth Dayton, Ohio, United States Height 5′ 7″ (1.70 m) Education Chaminade High School Occupation Actor Net Worth $50,000,000 Source of Wealth Film, Television, Video, Radio Nationality American Country United States Marital Status Married (Janet Templeton) Children 4 (Emilio, Ramón, Carlos, Renee)

Martin Sheen (Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez) was born in Ohio and has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Martin Sheen has appeared in a wide variety of films, from the embarrassing to the brilliant.

martin sheen

The Ohio native has appeared in more than 65 feature films. Sheen gave memorable performances in films such as Gandhi (1982) – from which the actor donated his salary – and Da (1988), in which he took credit for producing and acting. He also did notable work in several other films, including 1987’s “Wall Street” (with sons Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas), The American President (1995) and Monument Avenue (1998). In 1999, he could be seen in several projects, including Ninth Street and a Texas Funeral, which premiered at that year’s Venice Film Festival; O, a modern-day adaptation of Othello; and The West Wing, a television series that cast him as the President of the United States. All three of his sons, Emilio Estevez, Ramon Estevez and Charlie Sheen (whom he directed in 1991’s Cadence), as well as his daughter, Renee Estevez, are film and television actors. His brother, Joe Estevez, also tries his hand at acting.

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