MacG’s Wife Naledi Monamodi Goes Viral with TikTok Video Bragging About Her Natural Body: “A Queen”

  • Naledi Monamodi, MacG’s partner, posted a TikTok video where she confidently talked about her body
  • The podcaster’s wife showed off her natural look and even expressed pride in wearing the outfit
  • South African netizens called MacG a very lucky man while mocking his fashion choices.

MacG's wife, Naledi Monamodi, went viral after sharing a video showing off her body.MacG’s wife, Naledi Monamodi, received many compliments online for her stunning body. Images: @macgunleashed, @nah_lediSource: Instagram

Naledi shows off her curves

“You see, when I dress like this, my man is very happy. No crop top, everything is covered, my butt is protected. My man loves me like It’s who I am and I know that wherever he is, he loves me very much.” proud.”

Mzansi reacts to Naledi’s video

“Is she a Witch?”

“Is she satisfied with the way Mac G dresses in America?”

“It’s too bad he’s dressed like a kid.”

“What a queen.”

“After dating whoever you’re dating, get yourself a Tswana girl.”

“As long as she’s happy, that’s fine. My problem is when a man wants to date me and then expects me to cover up to make him feel better. Ugh!”

MacG and Somizi caused a stir with their images in New Jersey

Source: Brief News

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