“MacG Was Right About DJ Maphorisa”: ‘Podcast and Chill’ Host Praised After Shebeshxt’s Revelation

  • MacG praised for speaking the truth amid DJ Maphorisa controversy as Shebeshxt accuses him of music copyright issues
  • Social media praises 'Podcast and Chill' host for previous accurate predictions about DJ Maphorisa's behavior
  • Fans praise MacG for his outspoken opinions on many controversial topics in the entertainment industry

MacG praised for speaking out against DJ MaphorisaFans have praised MacG for always speaking out against other celebrities. Photo: @djmaphorisa and @macgunleashed Source: Instagram

MacG is praised for speaking the truth

“MacG warned us about DJ Maphorisa (Phori) aka Madumane. MacG is always right, Shebeshxt spoke out against Phori.”

Fans praise MacG for speaking his mind

“Maybe Phori has a snake that makes these guys stupid. MacG warned them about him all the time but they never listened. Now Shebeshxt is crying about the same Shxt my GOAT MacG warned them about.”

“In fact… MacG is an industry Prophet.”

“DJ Maphorisa aka Phori or Madumane is truly the leader of the entertainment industry, no one wants to badmouth him, only MacG does.”

MacG slams Tyla after Grammy win

Source: News Summary

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