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Kate Hudson is a famous actress who became a part of the film industry with her outstanding performances in Almost Famous and 10 Days to Lose a Guy. Now, at the age of 45, she is back in the spotlight. She launched her music career with the release of her debut album, Glory. Although Hudson has a star status in Hollywood, her road to music has not been easy due to the stigma she has faced in the music industry.

What stopped Hudson from pursuing music early on?

Ten years ago, music industry professionals told Hudson that they didn’t think she was old enough to work in the music industry. Hudson got this advice in her 30s and it resonated with her and she began to doubt herself. She was a little confused but not defeated by the rebuffs of her music dreams, citing her age as the reason. This moment could have derailed her music dreams, but instead, it helped her stay focused.

Hudson Surmont How does the industry deal with ageism?

The pivotal moment for Hudson was her decision to ignore criticism. Her defiant response, “No, screw you. No one tells me what’s best,” was the beginning of a new chapter. This change in perspective led her to embrace her gifts as a musician, regardless of others’ opinions or the impact it might have on her career as an actress. Only recently has she felt fully ready to perform her music publicly, and attributes this decision to a growing disinterest in outside recognition.

What factors influenced her debut album?

Hudson’s debut album, Glorious, is the result of years of solo effort to develop her musical talents. Hudson credits several key people for their help and collaboration in making the album possible, including Linda Perry of the band 4 Non Blondes and songwriter John Carlson. The support of her fiancé, Danny Fujikawa, was instrumental both personally and professionally.

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The album is a personal representation of Hudson’s unique personality, built upon years of unnoticed acoustic work. Inspired from deep within and rooted in Hudson’s personal experiences and growth as an artist, Glorious is more than a compilation, it’s a story of her passion and resilience.

How does Hudson feel about the musical journey?

For Hudson, the process of creating Glorious was a transformative experience. It allowed her to express herself in a way that performance work could not capture. When discussing the album, she expressed a sense of freedom and joy, eager to talk about her creative process and the personal stories behind each song. For Hudson, this album is more than just a musical album. It is an affirmation of her artistic independence and a challenge to past obstacles she has had to face.

What does “brilliance” mean to her career?

The release of Glorious is a pivotal event in Hudson’s career, representing her transformation from actress to multi-talented artist. The album’s release can serve as an encouragement to other artists facing similar challenges, demonstrating that personal reinvention is possible regardless of age or industry norms.

Conclusion: What’s Next for Kate Hudson?

With Glorious, Kate Hudson not only expands her musical reach, she challenges ageist stereotypes and limitations in the entertainment industry. From being disappointed with her age to making a low-key entry into the music industry, her journey is a fascinating story of overcoming obstacles. At the same time, as Hudson continues to pursue the new direction she’s taken, her story inspires people to chase their dreams without fear, proving that it’s never too late.

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