Inside Kefilwe “Kefiboo” Mabote’s Home Makeover Party With Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo and More

  • Kefilwe “Kefiboo” Mabote recently gave her home a dramatic makeover and gave followers a look inside her “new” home
  • The influencer has hosted several social media sites for meetups, including Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo
  • Brief News caught up with one of the designers who added a special touch to Kefiboo’s stunning home

Kefiboo threw a star-studded at-home makeover partyKefiboo’s at-home makeover party had several socialites praising the influencer’s hard work. Image: kefilwe_maboteSource: Instagram

Kefiboo holds a makeup party at home

“We handcraft light fixtures from waste materials such as recycled glass, air filters and oil from diesel trucks.

“FIRE+ICE is our range of recycled glass lamps. This range is charged per meter of glass, i.e. if one takes all the glass holders out of the frame and places them end to end , this will give the total number of running meters. These types of features are available in many designs, finishes and configurations.

“We also use exhaust air filters, working with companies such as Volvo Trucks to find innovative solutions for some of their waste products.”

Mzansi reacts to Kefiboo’s home makeover party

“What a beautiful evening! Congratulations on your beautiful home, Mom.”

“Excellent black!”

“Congratulations, love.”

“So beautiful, so beautiful everyone!”

“Love it when women win!”

“I love your circle of friends.”

Gogo Maweni shares home renovation videos

“You inspire so many of us. Ignore the noise and focus on what God has given you.”

Source: Brief News

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