Inno Morolong Shares Details Behind Celeb Boxing Match Against Elton Jantjies’ Ex Ashleigh Ogle

  • Inno Morolong is set to take part in a celebrity boxing match and shares some details about her tournament
  • Reality TV star says she's training for fight with Elton Jantjies' ex-girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle, but Mzansi doesn't believe it
  • Another upcoming match is between Skeem Saam actor Pholoso Mahlala and Phumlani Njilo

Inno Morolong is ready for his boxing matchInno Morolong is set to take part in a celebrity boxing match with Ashleigh Ogle. Photo: innomorolong_.Source: Instagram

Inno Morolong prepares for boxing match

“I'll train for this; I'm prepared. I'm not afraid at all. There are many people I don't mind fighting because some people are very rude.

“What if I lose? We'll never know because I'm not a loser. But winning would mean a lot to me, and my hard work would be rewarded. And of course, I'd enjoy the money!”

Inno Morolong set to fight Ashleigh Ogle in celebrity boxing matchInno Morolong shares about her boxing match with Ashleigh Ogle. Photo: Source: Original

“I do a lot of stunts, I do a lot of gun handling, I'm going to win. I'm going to go on his Instagram, I'm going to use my skills and try to do it right. I want to have fun and give someone a green eye. If I win, I'm going to go in and stop acting.”

“As a stuntman, he's physically fit and can move, but he's not a boxer. There's a science behind boxing, and I'm going to show people how it works by knocking him out.”

Phumlani Njilo set to take on Pholoso Mahlala in a celebrity boxing matchPhumlani Njilo plans to use Pholoso Mahlala's stunt experience against him in the ring. Photo: Source: Original

Mzansi Comments On Inno Morolong's Boxing Fight

“Something is not right here.”

“Celebrities?? Who are they?”

“The war on plastic.”

“BBL is about to explode.”

Zodwa Wabantu lifts her butt before boxing match

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