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FO4 or FIFA Online 4 is still a football game that attracts a large number of top players today. To have a quality football team, the players must also possess skillful and accurate skills. If so, don’t miss out on the assessment based on the FO4 player stats below of ngoaz.

fo4 player index 1

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What are FO4 player stats?

FO4 Player Index is a system that evaluates the abilities of players in the game FIFA Online 4. This index is expressed as a number from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest.

FO4 player stats include general stats and hidden stats. General indicators are indicators that show a player’s basic abilities, including:

  • Speed: Player’s movement speed.
  • Acceleration: The player’s acceleration rate.
  • Finishing: A player’s finishing ability.
  • Kick Power: The power of a player’s kick.
  • Long shot: A player’s ability to shoot long distance.
  • Positioning: Ability to choose the player’s position in the penalty area.
  • Volley: A player’s ability to volley.
  • Penalty: A player’s ability to shoot a penalty.
  • Short Passing: A player’s ability to pass the ball short.
  • Vision: A player’s ability to see the field.
  • Crossing: A player’s ability to cross the ball.
  • Defend: The player’s defensive ability.
  • Off-the-ball combat: A player’s ability to move and move the ball without the ball.
  • Long pass: A player’s ability to pass the ball long.
  • Heading: A player’s ability to head.
  • Skills: A player’s ability to dribble, pass, and kick the ball.
  • Tactical thinking: A player’s ability to move, choose position, and coordinate with teammates.

What are hidden player stats?

Hidden stats are stats that are not displayed in the game, but can affect the player’s abilities. Some popular hidden metrics include:

  • Favorite position: The player’s best playing position.
  • Long throw-in: The player’s ability to throw long-range.
  • Dive: A player’s ability to foul.
  • Injury proneness: A player’s likelihood of getting injured.
  • Hard as steel: A player’s ability to resist injury.
  • Avoid using your non-dominant foot: A player’s ability to use his/her non-dominant foot.

FO4 player index is an important tool for coaches to evaluate players’ abilities and build appropriate squads. Coaches need to pay attention to both general and hidden stats to maximize their players’ abilities.

FIFA Online 4 player index classification

FO4 player index is one of the most important factors that determine a player’s performance in the game. These indicators are divided into 3 main categories:

Basic index: Including physical indexes, technique, shooting, crossing, dribbling, etc. These indexes reflect the player’s basic abilities in each field.

Hidden stats: These are stats that are not displayed in the game, but still have an impact on the player’s performance. Some common hidden indicators include: Calm, Effort to the end,…

Card stats: These are the stats added to the player when the player upgrades the card. These indicators can help significantly improve a player’s performance.

FO4 player index role

FO4 player index plays an important role in determining the team’s playing style. A team with a high player index will be able to control the ball, attack and defend better. Therefore, choosing players with stats that match the team’s playing style is very important.

Below are some specific roles of FO4 player index:

Speed: Speed ​​index affects the player’s ability to move, accelerate and react. A player with high speed will be able to move faster, accelerate past opponents better and react faster to ball situations.

Strength: The strength index affects the player’s ability to press, compete for the ball and cover the ball. A player with high strength will be able to press better, compete for the ball more effectively and cover the ball more effectively.

Technical: Technical indicators affect a player’s ability to dribble, pass and shoot the ball. A highly technical player will be able to dribble skillfully, pass the ball accurately and shoot the ball more powerfully.

Shooting: The shooting index affects a player’s ability to shoot the ball. A player with a high shooting index will be able to shoot the ball more strongly, accurately and into the goal.

Crossing: The crossing index affects the player’s ability to cross the ball. A player with a high crossing index will be able to cross the ball accurately, strongly and put the ball into a more dangerous penalty area.

Dribbling: Dribbling index affects a player’s dribbling ability. A player with a high dribbling index will be able to dribble skillfully, pass opponents and create better scoring opportunities.

Vision: Vision index affects the player’s ability to pass the ball. A player with a high vision index will be able to pass the ball accurately, bringing the ball to teammates in more favorable positions.

Composure: The composure index affects a player’s ability to perform in pressure situations. A player with a high composure index will not be affected by pressure from opponents, playing more calmly and effectively. Mastering the role of FO4 player index will help gamers choose players. suits the team’s playing style and plays more effectively.

FO4 player stats in fitness and strength

Physical fitness: Player’s fatigue level

  • This is reflected in the maximum recovery and recovery speed during a match.
  • This index also affects when the player sprints, how long it takes to run at full speed before slowing down due to fatigue. For example, you receive the ball and run. A moment later you see the defender catching up with you and you are forced to turn the ball. In addition to the factor of holding and holding the ball, because your player has to run a long distance, his physical strength will decrease, causing his running to slow down. The opposing defender has better stamina, or has to run a shorter distance so they can catch up with you.
  • If this index is low, it is easy to get injured.

Strength: Physical state

  • The higher this index, the more likely it is to win in disputes
  • This index also affects “Assertiveness”. For example, if in a situation where you need to be aggressive to win the ball and you decide to collide. Thanks to the high assertiveness index, your player collides in a more advantageous position, but due to low “Strength”, you cannot push the opponent down.

fo4 player index 2

FO4 player index in football skills

Acceleration: Time to reach maximum speed

  • The higher the value, the lower the time needed to reach maximum speed.
  • If the top speed is low then this Acceleration stat is meaningless.

Dexterity: The player’s skill level when having the ball

  • This shows how smoothly the player controls the ball. Especially when turning the ball and changing direction
  • A player with a high “Speed” stat but a low “Dexterity” stat is still not up to standard.

Balance: Maintain balance after impact

  • This depends on each player’s passing skills
  • For example, in the turning and sprinting phase, even though the player has high “Speed” and “Dexterity” index but low “Balance” index, you still see that he is not very fast because it takes time. to regain balance

Ball retention: The ability to control the ball

  • This is demonstrated when receiving the ball and dribbling
  • The higher the ball retention index, the less likely the ball will fly away from you when controlling it.
  • This is also the most important attribute for every player

Crossing: The ability to cross the ball accurately

  • Has a big impact on free kick ability
  • Affected by the “Calm” stat

Spinning shot: Curvature of the shot and pass

  • The goalkeeper falls over when saving the ball
  • The higher the index, the faster people fall. Besides, this ability is also affected by height

Dribbling: The ability to pass people

  • This index helps players keep the ball closer
  • It does not affect when receiving the ball

Finish: Finish within 16m50

  • A high index will make it easier to hit a target that is an empty space in the goal. If the index is low, it is easy to hit the beam or fly out.
  • For example: When the player is in a diagonal position, the player with a high “Scoring” index will have an easier time shooting into the empty space of the goal.
  • However, finishing is affected by the “Shot Power” index.

Kicking power: Accuracy when shooting hard, flight speed of the ball

  • If the kick is light at close range, it can fly into the goal. But if you’re at a distance, you have to have a stronger shot so the goalkeeper won’t be able to catch it easily
  • If the “Shot Power” index is low, the ability to score will be low.

Free kicks: Accuracy when taking free kicks

  • This index should be combined with the “Spin shot” index to be more effective in free kicks

Heading: Accuracy of heading shots

  • This index evaluates the ability to choose the landing point and hit the head accurately or not

Cutting the ball: Ability to predict and intercept

  • This usually applies to AI shown when jumping up to cut off an opponent’s pass
  • Players often stick out their legs or fly to block the ball

Jump: Ability to jump high

  • The ability to jump high also combines height, heading and determination

Long pass: Aerial pass accuracy and speed

  • This is often used if you want to pass to a teammate who is far away
  • This index is affected by the “Calm Index”

Long shot: Accuracy of shots outside the 16m50 area

  • This stat is affected by “Shot Power” and “Composure”

Marking people: Level of effectiveness when marking people

  • This is shown when you close to your opponent and don’t let them pass the ball far

Penalty: Accuracy when shooting Penalty

  • Is the ability to shoot Penalty accurately or not
  • The higher this index, the more accurately that player kicks the ball

Short pass: Accuracy and speed of passing on the ground

  • This is affected by the “Calm” stat.

Tackling: The ability to win a tackle without being penalized

Retrieve the ball: Time to block the ball

  • Should be combined with tackling to make tackles at the right time.

Speed: Maximum speed that the player can achieve

  • This should be combined with the indicators “Acceleration”, “Dexterity”, “Ball retention”, “Balance”, … to evaluate the exact speed when having the ball.

Vision: Recognize teammates and opponents around you

  • This increases or decreases the possibility of a long pass, deciding whether it is successful or not

Volley: Accuracy and power of volleys (When the ball is in the air).

  • This is influenced by the “Balance” index.

fo4 3 player index

FO4 player index in competitive spirit

Assertiveness: Decisiveness, determination

  • This is shown in ball disputes
  • This index is only necessary when marking people or competing for high balls
  • This index is high for players who often tackle the ball and commit fouls against their opponents
  • This stat will be affected by the “Strength” stat.

Calm: Stay calm when an opponent is approaching

  • The ability to stay calm will affect how to handle shots, passes or crosses when an opponent is close
  • For example: A player has a high “Short Passing” index but he is marked by 1 or 2 opponents, he decides to pass to a nearby teammate. But his pass did not reach the team and went quite far. That’s because his “Calm” stat is low.

Responsiveness: How quickly you react to situations that arise.

  • For example, when you kick the ball at the goalkeeper, the ball bounces back closer to you. You press the “Shoot” button but the player does not shoot but lets the ball pass or hit his foot. That’s because the player has a low “Reaction” index, because he doesn’t have time to realize where the ball is and what he needs to do to be able to shoot the ball.
  • This index is affected when you pass the ball. For example, when your player passes the ball and the opponent rushes to push you further away from the ball. Then, in addition to the “Balance” index, you need the “Reaction” index to continue to get the ball as quickly as possible.

FO4 player index in goalkeeper position

Goalkeeper catches the ball: Ability to catch the ball

  • This is the ability to catch and control the ball
  • If this index is low, the goalkeeper often pushes the ball

Goalkeeper kicks the ball: Distance and accuracy of foot kicks

  • This shows whether the goalkeeper accurately kicks the ball to his teammates

Goalkeeper chooses position: Ability to choose position when saving the ball and when the opponent crosses the ball.

  • When the opponent kicks the ball towards the goal, the goalkeeper will choose a position to block the ball.
  • When the opponent crosses the ball, the goalkeeper self-judges where the player will cross to to choose a position there to prepare to block the ball.

Goalkeeper reflexes: The goalkeeper’s reflexes

  • If the goalkeeper’s stats are low, he will act slowly or miss when the ball is in the goal

fo4 4 player index

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So, you have learned the most complete and detailed information about the hottest FO4 or FIFA Online 4 player stats today. This will be very useful in case you want to build a squad, when buying or selling players.

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