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Mental health is a priority now more than ever. See The Way I See is a clothing brand that supports this movement. It is known for its sweatshirts with comforting messages printed on the sleeves. They also sell other similar fashion pieces. Founder Sophie Nistico pitched her company on Shark Tank but no deal was struck. As of 2024, See The Way I See is estimated to be worth $3 million.

Sophie Nistico’s Background

Sophie Nistico, from Trumbull, Connecticut, studied health sciences at Sacred Heart University and started her own business shortly after graduation.

At 15, she was experiencing up to 20 chronic migraines a month. It took her a long time to realize she had a severe anxiety disorder. Therefore, removing the stigma around mental health became her main motivation for designing a clothing line.

Founded “My Opinion”

The Connecticut-based artist started out as an Instagram artist, creating and promoting sticker designs. She creates art that comes entirely from her own perspective and named her page “See The Way I See.”

As the community grew, Sophie decided to expand into clothing. In her parents’ basement, she designed and packaged sweatshirts in all sizes with positive messages on the sleeves. This generated a lot of support, so the founders created new products.

Since 2017, See The Way I See has grown from stickers to sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, jewellery, gift cards and stationery. As the business expanded, Sophie moved the business from her basement to her garage.

Appeared on Shark Tank

Sophie documented her journey on platforms including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, and many of her fans watched her move from her family’s two-car garage to a 6,500-square-foot warehouse.

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Over the years, the startup grew steadily. However, the business still faced problems with international shipping and restocking. For this, the entrepreneur sought help from outside investors.

Although Sophie was nervous, she gave a strong sales pitch and was well prepared. By then, the company had $2.3 million in sales so far this year and more than $400,000 in the bank. The Sharks were surprised and didn’t make an offer because the 24-year-old didn’t need any help.

Post-Shark Tank Updates

The episode aired in May 2023, and 48 hours later, Sophie saw a huge increase in orders. She worked hard to fulfill the orders, and luckily the website didn’t crash. Fans of the show were rooting for her because she came across as a likable person.

If you are interested in purchasing, please visit their website at They have new collections coming out soon and some classic designs are back in stock. Currently, they have a phone case collaboration with Casetify.

Before going on the show, they had sold 50,000 pieces. Thanks to the power of Shark Tank, it didn’t take long for sales to double. Running a clothing brand is a tough business, but Sophie’s unique selling point is her connection with her audience. Anyone can start an e-commerce store, but few have the ability to attract fans organically.

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