Celebrity Chef Nti Announces the Opening of 2nd Restaurant in Abuja: “Creating Your Own Magical Way”

  • South African celebrity chef Nti recently announced the opening of her restaurant in Abuja, Nigeria
  • The star shared the exciting news on her Instagram page about adding a branch outside of South Africa
  • Chef Nti exclusively told Briefly News that she has always wanted to open a restaurant outside of Mzansi and has always believed in culinary tourism.

Chef Nti has opened another restaurant in AbujaCelebrity chef Nti has opened a new restaurant. Photo: @chef_ntiSource: Instagram

Chef Nti opens second restaurant in Nigeria

“Wow, what an amazing ride!!! We successfully launched @taste_abuja. Creating your own magical lifestyle takes energy, stamina, and a strong belief in others and mostly yourself. I am so GRATEFUL!!! #tastebychefnti #tastekitchenbychefnti”

Chef Nti says her dream is to open a restaurant outside South Africa

“I have always wanted to open a restaurant outside of South Africa and have always believed in culinary tourism because food is identity; you can tell a story about food and culture.”

“A client I used to work with in the hotel business inspired me to open a restaurant in Abuja because they had just opened a new hotel. People can look forward to getting a taste of this experience.

“In the future, I want to do my second cookbook, which I've been putting on hold since working in restaurants. I'm looking forward to telling the next chapter of my life through that book.”

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