Cách giảm lag Valorant hiệu quả tăng FPS cho máy yếu

Compared to other neighbors like CSGO, Valorant has a much lighter configuration. However, after the updates, this game gradually became “overloaded” with lag, reducing gaming efficiency compared to many players. If you encounter this situation, refer to dut.edu.vn to reveal how to effectively reduce Valorant lag and increase FPS for weak devices. Some settings help keep FPS in Valorant at the highest possible level while ensuring stability throughout gameplay for computers with average and weak configuration parameters.

How to effectively reduce Valorant lag and increase FPS for weak devices

How to effectively reduce Valorant lag and increase FPS for weak devices

What is Lag Valorant?

Lag Valorant is a condition in which the game lags, making it impossible for players to control the character smoothly. Simply put, you will experience a delay in data transmission between your computer and the game’s server. This can cause you to encounter problems such as:

  • Images are jerky and laggy
  • Difficult to control the character
  • The shot did not hit the target
  • Get killed by enemies you can’t see

What causes Valorant to lag?

This condition can be caused by many reasons, including:

Poor internet connection: If your internet connection is not strong enough, the game will not be able to transmit data stably, leading to lag. You can try testing your internet speed and make sure that your connection is not interrupted by other factors like downloading files, streaming videos, etc.

Computer not powerful enough: If your computer is not powerful enough to run Valorant, the game may also lag. You can try to check your computer configuration and make sure that it meets the minimum requirements of the game.

Game errors: In some cases, Valorant lag can be caused by game errors. You can try updating the game to the latest version or contact Riot Games for support.

Damaged modem/network cable: Except for most users who play games on PCs and laptops via WiFi, to ensure the best and most stable network condition, we must connect the computer to the Internet modem using Internet cable. In addition to the reasons we cannot control, modem and network cable problems are not a rare reason. When having to operate and be used for a long time, the components will also reach their limits or encounter any errors during use.

How to effectively reduce Valorant lag

Turn on Game Mode Settings and turn off XBox Game Bar

Step 1: Open Start Menu → type and select Game Mode Settings

Step 2: Select “On” to turn on Game mode.

Step 3: Select the Xbox Game Bar in the left corner, then select “Off” to turn off the Xbox Game Bar.

Turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling and Graphics performance preference

Step 1: Open Start Menu → type and select “Graphics Settings”

Step 2: Turn on “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” and restart the computer. Note: This setting may not appear on some PCs and Laptops. If you don’t have it, you can do it the way below.

Step 3: After selecting “Browse”, a window will appear. You select the VALORANT installation folder (default is C:\Riot Games\VALORANT), then continue to select the live\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe folder and click Add.

The result is as shown:

Step 4: Select Options → High performance

Turn off Discord’s Hardware Acceleration

Step 1: Open Discord and select Settings (the cog button next to your avatar)

Step 2: Scroll down to Advanced → Turn off “Hardware Acceleration”.

Discord has also warned that this feature can cause your PC or Laptop to lose FPS when playing games.

Turn off Chrome’s background feature

Step 1: Open Chrome and select “Settings” (3 dots button in the right corner of the screen)

Step 2: Scroll down to the Advanced section and select System → Turn off “Continues running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”.

Google Chrome also consumes a lot of computer resources to run background applications.

Turn off unused applications

Another simple way to reduce Valorant lag is to turn off unused applications. To make the most of your network bandwidth, avoid wasting bandwidth on unnecessary applications. The fact is that many of these unnecessary applications are often the main cause of delay in network transmission.

Update the operating system

To optimize battery life and Valorant gaming performance on your device, make sure to check and update to the latest operating system version. This is an effective way to reduce Valorant lag that you can apply immediately.

However, it should be noted that some new updates on iOS or Android may have errors and cause battery consumption faster. Therefore, before deciding to update, wait a few days to get specific reviews of the new update.

This allows you to collect information from other users about performance, battery life, and other issues related to the update. Based on these reviews, you can make a smart decision about updating your device to a new operating system version.

Use software that helps reduce Ping and Lag

Another extremely effective way to reduce Valorant lag is to use software that supports reducing ping and lag. Nowadays, using applications and software to reduce ping and lag when playing games is increasingly popular. Not only that, they are also praised for their effectiveness. If the above methods still do not solve the problem, this method is a great suggestion that Valorant gamers should use.

App effectively reduces Valorant Ping

Below, dut.edu.vn sends readers 10 ping reduction software that are popular with Vietnamese gamers. This software is classified into paid and free.

Free Valorant ping reduction software


  • Home page:
  • Supported games: Dota 2, PUBG, CS:GO, Blade & Soul,…
  • Price: Joint account is free to use or rent an account for 50,000 VND/2 months.

Tiny is a ping reduction software chosen by many Vietnamese gamers, not only because this software provides accounts for long-term free experience, but also because this ping reduction software is relatively compact and created by Vietnamese people. out and mostly to serve the Vietnamese people.

Because it is for Vietnamese people, this software also supports most of the games that Vietnamese people love. Players of PUBG, Dota2, Overwatch,… and other steam games can use this software. The interface is extremely compact and simple, you don’t need to choose a complicated link for the game like many other software, just log in, select a server and open the game, Tiny will automatically activate that game. .

The downside of this software is that it is free to use. When a cable break occurs, the number of people using this software increases greatly, leading to overload and flickering and disconnections. However, you can rent a separate Tiny account for yourself so you don’t have to use it together at a fairly cheap price.

Note: when using the free version, you will encounter automatic logout after 2 hours of use. So you need to pay attention to log back in to avoid the game being abandoned.


NoPing is a free ping reduction software popular with many gamers, supporting more than 600 games from MMORPG games like World of Warcraft to FPS games like Valorant, Fortnite, CS:GO.

The software has the function of automatically calculating the best transmission lines from your device to the server for a smoother connection. Besides reducing ping, the software also supports increasing FPS for games like Black Desert Online and World of Warcraft by optimizing settings.


  • Haste Free
  • Fee for Pro version: $40,000/year or $5/month.
  • Download: Haste

Haste is one of the software that uses its own network infrastructure with interconnected cables along with a dense server network. The software uses the old VPN technology and rebuilds it to reduce ping in the early days.

After downloading Haste, you will join the network to quickly connect to the servers to help the network run smoothly. Haste also has a quite smart self-learning function. To make it easier to understand, when accessing, the ping reduction will decrease more than the previous connection, after the software has compared.

Kill Ping

  • Price: Free
  • Kill Ping supported games and download links: Kill Ping

With over 100 servers located in 30 locations worldwide, Kill Ping reduces latency by up to 60%. When using the software, you can choose a suitable server and server to have the best game experience. The connection display in Kill Ping is in the form of a graph so you can easily control it while participating in the game.


  • Owns 100 servers located in 30 locations around the world.
  • The list of supported games is diverse and huge, mainly popular online games, focusing heavily on MMO games.
  • There are no ads when in use.

Valorant ping reduction software is available for a fee


Perhaps there is no need to say much about this software because of its popularity. WTFast is considered the “boss” of ping reduction software. WTFast supports almost every game you know of. How to use WTFast is also very simple, just select the Game you want, press “Sort by Ping”, then you just need to choose one of the servers nearby and with low ping and enter the game.

However, the “disadvantage” of this software is that the usage price is quite high. You have to register an account and use it for free for 15 days, after that you have to pay nearly $10 per month. This is a quite high price compared to Vietnamese gamers who are not used to using paid software.


Exitlag is a completely new ping reduction software, launched in early 2018 and is highly appreciated for supporting many games at a fairly cheap price. Exitlag has a clean interface and is quite easy to use with a list of games to choose from without having to choose a link to the game.

In particular, Exitlag quite focuses on role-playing games like Blade & Soul, Black Desert,… to support gamers of this picky game genre. This is a notable plus point of this ping reduction software.

However, the minus point of Exitlag is the way they “fix the price”. When it first launched, Exitlag only cost $5/month, and there were many discount codes released. But after a period of support from users, Exitlag increased the rental price to $6.5/month.


Pingzapper owns 5 servers located in 20 cities and 15 countries. Most servers have extremely high speed, strength and stability, helping to keep the connection smooth.

Like most other ping reduction software, Pingzapper helps users improve ping significantly. The software directly optimizes the network and avoids errors that may occur on the server. The advantage of this software is that all user data is absolutely confidential, so you can rest assured when choosing Pingzapper to accompany you.


  • Price: $0.99/month.
  • Download: Mudfish

Mudfish is favored by most MMORPG gamers because of its effective ping reduction quality. The software received many positive reviews on forums, especially for speeding up the connection to the server, ensuring a faster and more stable response speed. Not stopping there, the software also supports optimization of game configuration on computers, which helps increase FPS when playing games.


Outfox has more than 40 servers to help players optimize their connection when experiencing the game. The software reduces both ping and latency to increase connection speed. Outfox works by analyzing internet connections and presenting them in graph form. Therefore, users can easily observe network connection improvements. You can use it for free for 14 days before paying monthly or yearly. The software is easy to use and supports many different games.


  • Price: 60,000 VND/month, click here to see more promotional packages.
  • Games supported by VietPN: Link to view.
  • Download: VietPN

VietPN billing software helps optimize the user’s connection to the server by choosing the best and shortest connection to reduce ping when playing games. When downloading the software, you will not experience lag due to network fluctuations or being blocked by games with servers or foreign game IPs.

Owns more than 200 domestic and foreign servers, always prioritizes game connections and can have 3 connections on the same account. Users can choose to pay monthly or yearly. The software supports many operating systems such as: Android, iOS, macOS, Window.

Refer to many popular game lag reduction tips:

Above, dut.edu.vn has given you the causes and ways to effectively reduce Valorant lag and increase FPS for weak devices. In addition, there are free ping reduction software and the most popular paid software today. Depending on your needs and personal finances, you can choose the appropriate software. Reducing ping is always an urgent need for gamers, so don’t ignore these utility software. Which software did you use in the article? You can share it in the comments section for many other gamers to refer to.

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