Cách chơi Mậu Binh từ cơ bản đến nâng cao cho người mới

If you know about “Tien Len Nam” or play Tu Tien Len, you have probably heard of the song Mau Binh, also known as Binh Xap Xam. This is a popular game loved by many people. The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards. Each person will be dealt 13 cards, arranged into 3 suits. The first and second hands consist of 5 cards, and the last hand consists of 3 cards. The player must arrange so that the front limbs are stronger than the back limbs… If you don’t know how to play Mau Binh correctly, don’t miss NgonAZ’s most specific information below.

How to play Mau Binh 1

Introducing Mau Binh

Mau Binh, also called Binh Xap Xam, is one of the popular card games with both intellectual and artistic qualities. In fact, this name comes from the Chinese word meaning “Thirteen”.

In Mau Binh, you can play with 2 – 4 people. Each player has 13 Western cards. Depending on the calculation and playing strategy, the cards are arranged into 3 Branches: First Branch, Middle Branch, Last Branch. Winning is not easy either. This requires you to have logical thinking, sharp observation eyes and top-notch card arranging art.

Terminology in Mau Binh you need to know

– Chi: Is a set of 3 or 5 cards arranged together into a group. Each player arranges the cards into 3 hands, including 2 hands of 5 cards and 1 hand of 3 cards.

– Straight flush: A group with 5 cards that are both flush and straight (5 consecutive cards of the same suit). Straight flushes only appear on 5-card hands. For example: 8 muscles, 9 muscles, 10 muscles, J muscles, Q muscles,…

– Four precious trees: A genus with 4 trees of the same value. Four-of-a-kind only appears in the 5-leaf genus. For example: Four quarters 2, Four quarters 4,…

– Full flood: In a hand, there are 3 out of 5 cards of the same value and the remaining 2 cards are also of the same value, it is called a full flood. (For example: 1 genus has 3 cards of 8, 2 cards of 6). Cu flood also appears only in the 5-leaf genus.

– Flush: A hand of any 5 cards of the same suit. For example: 3 muscles, 5 muscles, 6 muscles, 7 muscles, 10 muscles,…

– Straight: A group of 5 cards forming a consecutive row, regardless of suit. For example: 5 hearts, 6 diamonds, 7 spades, 8 hearts, 9 hearts.

– Sam Co: There are 3 cards of the same value in a group. If you spend 5 cards, the remaining 2 cards have different values.

– Animal: A genus with 2 pairs of the same value, and the remaining card has a different value from the other 2 pairs. Animals only appear on hand 5 cards.

– Pair: In a group there are only 2 cards of the same value and the remaining cards are different (in value) one pair at a time.

– Mau Bi (the rest is trash): Only cards that are different in pairs are called trash. With a 5-card hand, that hand does not form a “crate” or “straight”.

– Loose soldiers: In the game Mau Binh, the limbs are arranged in order of the largest and then the smallest. Hand 1, hand 2 have 5 cards and hand 3 has 3 cards. The order of arranging limbs is: genus 1 > genus 2 > genus 3. (If the above order is not correct, it is called a broken soldier.)

How to play Mau Binh 2

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The most accurate way to play Mau Binh

In Mau Binh, the order of strength and weakness of the cards gradually increases from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th cards, J, Q, K, A. Especially in Mau Binh only Consider the size, not the suit of the card. You must arrange it so that limb 1 is stronger than limb 2 and limb 2 is stronger than limb 3. Otherwise, it will be counted as a broken piece.

Each player arranges 13 cards into 3 hands: 5 cards for the first hand, 5 cards for the middle hand and 3 cards for the last hand. Then compare each limb with each other. Usually consider the first limb, then the middle limb and then the last limb. Examining papers in order from bottom to top will create a more stimulating and dramatic feeling. The last hand often wins the most money, making you nervous until the last minute.

The strength and weakness of the sets in Mau Binh are as follows: Barrel destroys hall > Four quarters > Cu flood > Barrel > Hall > Sam co > Beast > Double > Mau bid > Binh leng.

Steps to play Mau Binh include:

  • Step 1: First, distribute the cards equally to everyone. After the deal is completed, players will arrange the cards within the allowed time.
  • Step 2: Next compare each limb with each other. Determine winning or losing and calculate money right in that branch.
  • Step 3: Finally, compare and calculate all 3 hands and the game is over.

How to play Mau Binh 3

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Mau Binh won directly without any comparison

The way to play Mau Binh well for beginners is that: If you are in the following cases, you can win directly without having to compare each limb. Note now.

  • Rolling Dragon: You have 13 cards from 2 -> A of the same suit.
  • Dragon Hall: You have 13 cards from 2 -> A that are not of the same suit.
  • 3 hall clearing barrels: 3 hall clearing barrels in all three limbs.
  • Copper color 1: You have 13 black/red copper leaves.
  • Same color 2: You have 12 black/red or red/black copper cards.
  • 5 pairs 1 gray: This is a card with 5 pairs and 1 gray she. Similar compared to the largest leaves in gray.
  • Luc phe bon: A card with 6 pairs and 1 mau dau. Similar to the highest pair.
  • 4 gray limbs: A card with 4 gray limbs. Similar to the highest gray chi.
  • 3 of a kind: A card with 3 of a kind. Similar to the top four.
  • 3 buckets: 3 branches, each is one bucket. Similar to the barrels in the limbs. Could be a draw.
  • 3 halls: 3 branches, each branch is a hall. Similar to the halls in the limbs. Could be a draw.

Mau Binh is special when compared to each other

The special Mau Binh calculation will compare each hand of your hand with your opponent’s hand.

  • Lose 3 hands: The player loses all 3 hands to another player.
  • Village collapse: Player takes all 3 hands with all remaining players.
  • Last bet: The player wins the last hand by 1 bet.
  • Cuddle middle hand: The player wins hand 2 with 1 flush.
  • First four of a kind: The player wins the first four of a kind by 1 four of a kind.
  • Four of a kind, two of a kind: The player wins two of a kind by 1 four of a kind. That means there are 2 four quarters in the first limb and the middle limb.
  • First straight flush: The player wins the first straight with 1 straight flush.
  • Two straight flush: The player wins straight two with 1 straight flush. That means there are 2 hall breakers in the first and middle limbs.

Players can negotiate the bet levels of special Mau Binh or Mau Binh to white. But from Cu Flood down will be counted as 1 time the bet.

How to play Mau Binh 4

How to calculate points in Mau Binh

To better understand how to calculate winning and losing points when playing Mau Binh, please read the specific information below.

– 1 chi = amount bet in that game.

– When a player has a bad hand, the score = number of lost hands x 2 bets.

– Compare the first limb with the first limb, the middle limb with the middle limb, and the last limb with the last limb. The result is the sum of the wins and losses with other players.

– Special cases when comparing cards:

  • The player with four of a kind in the last hand will win 4 of a house
  • The player with four of a kind in the middle will win 8 of a house
  • The player with gray in the first hand will win 3 hands of 1 house
  • The player who has the straight flush box in the last hand will win 5 hands of 1 house
  • The player with the straight flush box in the middle hand will win 10 hands per house
  • The player with the same number of cards in the middle will win 2 hands

– Applying the Ace calculation rule: Depending on the number of players and the number A appearing on the card, you will be added or subtracted.

  • Number of players: N
  • The number A appearing in the game is X
  • The A number on the player’s card is Y

→ Therefore, the number of wins and losses of a player is calculated according to the formula NY – X

For example: The table has 2 players named A and B and there are 3 Aces appearing in the game. Currently, player A is holding 2 cards, player B is holding 1 Ace card, then the number is calculated in the following way:

  • Person A: 2×2 – 3 = 1
  • Person B: 2 x1 – 3 = – 1

– Rules for calculating the line: When the line overlaps the line, the winning cost is doubled. For example, the fourth quarter 10 overrides the fourth quarter 6

Note: Because A (Ace, Ace) is the biggest card in the deck, straights A, 2, 3, 4, 5 (lower straight) are only behind straights 10, J, Q, K, A (upper straight). .

– Sets with A will be calculated as follows:

  • The four limbs A are 16 limbs
  • Sam Ace’s first branch is 12 branches
  • The box that breaks the upper hall is 10 pieces
  • The box breaking down the lower hall is 7 limbs

– Mau Binh won outright

If the following situations exist in your hand, you will be the clear winner, no need to compare cards:

  • Coiled Dragon: The player who has a set of long strings of the same suit from 2 – Ace will win 24 times the bet.
  • Dragon Hall: Players with a deck of cards from 2 – Aces of different suit will receive 12 times the bet.
  • Five pairs 1 sham: The player with 5 pairs and 1 sham gets 6 times the bet.
  • Luc Po Bon: Player with 6 pairs and 1 odd card gets 3 times the bet.
  • Three buckets: The player who has 3 buckets in 3 hands wins 3 times the bet.
  • Three straights: Players with 3 straights in 3 branches win 3 bets.

– The case of Mau Binh is normal

  • 2nd branch straight bust: The player’s 2nd hand with the straight clearing box will receive 10 times their bet.
  • Four of a Kind 2: If the player’s 2nd hand is a Four of a Kind, the player will receive 8 times the bet.
  • First four of a kind: The player’s first four of a kind is a four of a kind, the player will receive 4 times the bet.
  • Last digit: The player’s 3rd digit is a suit, the player will receive 3 times the bet.
  • If the player’s 2nd hand is the same number, the player will receive 2 times the bet.

How to play Mau Binh 5

How to calculate money in Mau Binh

If you want to play the game Mau Binh on the phone interface, we will tell you some of the most suitable rules for calculating money. Money here is calculated in Coins.

* Expense 1

In this game the table bet is 3000 coins (= value of 1 hand). When comparing one of my cards, Q is stronger than the player on the right’s card, J 6, but smaller than the cards of the two players next to me, Cu Flood 4 and Barrel 8. Because the player on the right’s hand is smaller than mine – > the person on the right lost 1 chi to me = 3000 coins.

-> On the avatar of the person on the right shows -3000

Similarly, the person above and the person on the left are bigger than my cards -> the person above and the person on the left both beat me by 1 = 3000 -> On avatar these 2 people show + 3000

→ Summary in the 1st hand, I won 1 hand and lost 2 hands -> I lost 1 hand -> On my avatar it shows -3000 coins.

* Spend 2

Your hand, Pet K 6, is larger than the hand of the person on the right, Double K, and the person above is Double 10, but smaller than the person on the left, which is Straight J.

-> On the avar of the person above and on the right it shows -3000 (they both lost to me by 1 limb) and the person on the left +3000 (this person beat me by 1 limb)

→ Summary of the 2nd hand: You win 2 hands and lose 1 hand -> with the 2nd hand you win 1 hand -> Your avatar displays + 3000 coins.

* Spend 3

My card pair A wins all 3 houses -> On avatar all 3 remaining houses display -3000

→ In summary, I won 3 hands -> my avatar displays +9000.

Thus, the amount of money each player wins or loses displayed on that person’s avatar when comparing is only the amount of money this person has won or lost compared to his or her cards, not on the entire table. After the game ends, the system will display a summary of the amount of money each player won and lost in that game in the last display.

How to play Mau Binh 6

Note when playing Mau Binh zingplay

Mau Binh is an intellectual card game that requires players to have calculation, judgment and luck. To play Mau Binh zingplay effectively, players need to note the following points:

Learn the rules of the game: Before playing, players need to carefully learn the rules of Mau Binh zingplay to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. The rules of Mau Binh zingplay are quite simple, players can learn through the zingplay homepage or online tutorials.

Practice regularly: To improve the ability to play Mau Binh, players need to practice regularly. Players can practice with friends or play online to gain experience.

Consider carefully before raising: When raising, players need to carefully consider their own abilities and the abilities of their opponents. If you bet too high without the possibility of winning, you will easily lose money.

Be careful with experienced opponents: Experienced opponents will often play very wisely. Players need to be careful with these opponents to avoid being tricked.

Don’t be too greedy: When playing Mau Binh, players need to know when to stop. Don’t be too greedy and bet too high or follow hands that are unlikely to win.

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So you have understood how to play Mau Binh in the simplest but most detailed way. In fact, this game requires you to know how to calculate a little to win. In your free time, everyone can play together, it will definitely be fun and exciting.

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