Baz Luhrmann’s wife and Catherine Martin’s unusual union

Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin are one of Hollywood’s most successful couples, known for their creative collaboration and nearly three decades of marriage. However, despite their enduring partnership, recent observations suggest that their lives may be growing apart. Luhrmann, the visionary filmmaker behind iconic films such as Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge!, was recently seen having a blast at a Taylor Swift concert in Sydney. Noticeably absent was his wife Martin, a renowned costume designer and production designer.

Concert solo

Luhrmann made headlines when he attended Taylor Swift’s Sydney concert, where he was spotted dancing merrily in the star-studded box with NFL star Travis Kelsey, pop star Katy Perry, filmmaker Taika Waititi and his wife Rita Ora. The director’s energy was in stark contrast to the absence of his wife, Katherine Martin. Despite living just a short flight from Sydney, Martin’s absence from the concert sparked speculation about their relationship.


In a recent interview with Australian Desire magazine, Martin spoke about the challenges and realities of maintaining a long-distance marriage. Martin enjoys a peaceful work-life balance on the Gold Coast, where she takes daily walks on the beach and attends Pilates classes. Meanwhile, Luhrmann continues to work, often in New York City. This separation is part of their current lifestyle, and they often call to stay in touch.

Recent Developments

The couple, who previously lived in a larger house, recently relocated to a more modest home in Miami Beach after moving to the Gold Coast in 2020 to film their sixth film, Elvis. Martin loves the Gold Coast’s quiet lifestyle and was recently seen attending a Pilates class and chatting with friends over coffee. She highlighted the benefits of her routine and surroundings, which contrasts with Luhrmann’s busy schedule in New York.

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Rumors continue

Luhrmann recently responded to rumors of a possible breakup, which intensified after his solo appearance and drew comparisons to the breakup of Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness. However, Luhrmann assured fans that despite the distance they sometimes spend together, he and Martin are still very much in love.

Family dynamics

The couple’s dynamic is also being affected by their children, Lily and William, who recently moved out of their home. This major change has led Luhrmann and Martin to list their Gilded Age townhouse in New York for $28 million as they prepare to transition to an “empty nest” phase in Australia. The pandemic and the production of Elvis in Australia have kept them largely away from their New York base, affecting their current living arrangements.

Live your own life and share love

While Luhrmann and Martin may lead separate lives due to their respective professional commitments and personal preferences, their connection remains strong. Martin’s love for the Gold Coast and her daily routine provide her with a sense of stability and contentment, while Luhrmann continues to thrive in the fast-paced environment of the New York film industry. Their frequent communication and support for each other highlight their relationship, which is deeply rooted in love and understanding despite the distance between them.


In this new chapter of their lives, Luhrmann and Martin continue to balance their professional demands with their personal lives. They sold their New York townhouse and moved to Australia for a simpler life, which means a shift toward a more flexible and connected future. Despite the distance, the couple’s enduring partnership and shared history show that they will continue to support each other personally and professionally.

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All in all, the story of Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin is one of adaptation and resilience. As they adjust to their new living arrangements and maintain a long-distance relationship, their love and mutual respect remain the foundation of their enduring partnership.

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