5 Amapiano Songs That Went Viral on TikTok, From Kamo Mphela’s ‘Dalie’ to Uncle Waffles ‘YahYuppiah’

  • Briefly News compiled a list of the five best Amapiano songs that went viral on TikTok after users started trending the songs.
  • Amapiano is a proudly South African music genre that has found global popularity through TikTok challenges
  • These include Kamo Mphela's Dalie to Uncle Waffles YahYuppiah and Tyler ICU's hugely popular Mnike

Kamo Mphela and Uncle Waffles have featured Amapiano's popular songs on TikTok.Kamo Mphela and Uncle Waffles are among the artists with the best Amapiano songs. Photo: @kamo_mphelaxx. @uncle_wafflesSource: Instagram

Amapiano changes the game

Songs that became popular on TikTok

  1. Yahyuppiya – Justin 99, Tony Duardo and Uncle Waffles
  2. Dalie – Kamo Mphela, Tyler ICU and Khalil Harrison
  3. Mnike – Tumelo za and Tyler ICU
  4. Tjina – Lady Du and Megadrumz
  5. Tshwala Bami – Siphesihle Skhakhane and RSA Chilli

Tyler ICU on Working in the Studio with Adele

“My biggest highlight of this EP was working in the same studio where @adele did her '21' album, @onedirection recorded their Four album here. I even smoked weed in the house and what we did was amazing. Riot coming soon.”

Source: News Summary

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